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First Time Visit
We are so glad you are here! We know that it is a big deal to visit a church for the first time. Nerves and questions are very natural when stepping into a new place. We are here to help alleviate any of those nerves by answering any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Where do I park?”

A: First, you are welcome to park in visitor parking right in front of the sanctuary as you get comfortable with the church. After that, on all sides of the church there are street parking spots. Feel free to park in any of those. In addition, the bank across the street is closed on Sunday, so you are welcome to park there too.

Q: “Where are the closest restrooms to the sanctuary?”

A: The closest restrooms are out the back of the sanctuary, up the stairs or elevator, and around to the left. They’ll be right in front of you.

Q: “Where’s the nursery? Where can I pick my kid up from Children’s Church?”

A:  Both the nursery and the pick up for Children’s Church are downstairs. Head out the back of the sanctuary, down the stairs or elevator, follow the hall to the left, and then to the right. The nursery is room #026 and Children’s Church will be in room #015.

Q: “I keep reading abbreviations like CEC, and FLC. What are those?

A:  Ahh, yes. We Methodists love our acronyms. The CEC is the Christian Education Center. It is the building directly attached to the sanctuary. If you have used the restroom before or after worship or dropped your kid off at the nursery then you have already visited the CEC. The FLC is the Family Life Center and it is the building just behind the CEC. Additionally, the Annex is where our church offices are and it is the house just up the hill from the FLC with the United Methodist Cross and Flame on the front.


Tel: 706-663-2538

206 McDougald Ave N.
Pine Mountain, GA 31822


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